How much does it cost to get into WestFest?

Nothing at all! WestFest is a free event and open to the general public!

I want my band to play at WestFest, how do I apply?

We have stopped accepting applications for this year, but we would love for you to submit an application next year!

Can I still sign up to be a street vendor?

Absolutely! Please visit our vendor page for more information. Our vendor applications will go live the first week of May.

Will there be food at the festival?

Heck yes! Stay tuned for our finalized food truck schedule. If you are a food vendor wanting to apply, you can also enter your contact information here. Our food truck applications will go live the first week of May.

Do you need volunteers?

You know we do! Sign up with us here.

How can my business partner with WestFest?

Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and let us know you're interested!

Can I ride my bike to WestFest?

Definitely! Be sure to bring your bike lock, we will not have bike valets this year, but there are some bike racks located throughout the district to secure your ride to. 

Is WestFest pet-friendly?

Of course! We expect you to clean up after your pooch and to keep them on a leash. Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that our outdoor stage can be quite loud when close to the speakers, this may be uncomfortable for your pet. Pets are not allowed inside businesses where some of our musicians will be playing on stages. Water will be provided outside several locations.

Can I bring my own food or beverages?

We do not allow outside food or beverages, specifically alcoholic beverages. Our permits are only for the beer sold at the event from specific locations. You will be responsible for following the rules and will be cited or arrested for consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased at the festival. Beverages purchased from a restaurant cannot leave the property of that restaurant. Taking alcohol purchased at the festival beyond the bounds of the festival and beyond clearly marked signs is illegal. Officers are on site and will be watching for this kind of activity.